How To: Style faux French braids

Style faux French braids

In this video from Katelynylyn we learn how to style faux French braids using rubber bands. First she makes a part from the forehead all the way down to her neck from front to back. Then she parts a section in the front of the hair which will be the beginning of the braid and makes another part from almost the forehead to the nape of her neck parallel to the other straight down part. After that, part from the head down to the ear making parts so there are 2 boxes directly across from each other. After they are all parted, she uses clips to hold it in. Then she takes the clip out and reminds us to keep the hair really wet using water/oil spray, not gel. Working coconut oil into the hair helps very much to keep the hair moisturized and keeps the style in place. After it's combed out, she rubber bands that section and would continue to do that all the way down in each box down the head. After all rubber bands are in she comes to the front section and splits it into 3 parts and starts braiding. She then starts adding in the banded sections. It can be done over or underhanded. Stitch until where the next 2 boxes are and then add that rubber band section into the respective sides. After watching this video, the viewer should have a good understanding of how to braid one's hair in a faux French braid.

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