How To: Style face framing curls in your hair

Style face framing curls in your hair

You have such a pretty face, why not show it off? Check out this tutorial and learn how to curl your hair in a style that frames your best asset - that gorgeous mug! This style doesn't take long and works for almost all hair types and lengths. So get curling and start turning heads when you leave the house!
You Will Need:
* An appointment with a hair stylist
* Shampoo
* A towel
* Styling pomade
* A blow dryer
* A round brush
* Hairspray
* A picture of your desired look (optional)
* Curling iron (optional)

Step 1: Make an appointment
Make an appointment with the stylist for a consultation and haircut.

Step 2: Demonstrate desired length
Demonstrate the desired length with your hands. Show the stylist where you want your hair to lay on your face.
Bring a picture of your desired curls to the appointment.

Step 3: Wash your hair
The next time you need to wash your hair after you come home with your new cut, wash it and towel it dry.

Step 4: Use products
Rub a dab of the pomade between your palms and then run your hands through your hair

Step 5: Blow-dry your hair
Blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Position the brush at the ends of the hair, curl the brush inward, and slowly pull the brush toward your face while following the brush with the blow dryer.
Use a curling iron to curl the sides of your hair inward if the round brush and blow dryer don't give you enough curl.

Step 6: Set with hairspray
Set your final style with a lot of hairspray to ensure the curls won't drop or straighten.

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