How To: Style an Easy French Twist

Style an Easy French Twist

You can do this look at home, you don't need a professional! Here we show you the steps to an easy french twist. You'll need a boar bristle brush, hair spray, bobby pins for this look

Step 1 Brush

Brush hair to side, pin with bobby pins in the back at the middle. For a softer look, pull out some wisps in the front.

Step 2 Brush

Brush the other side towards the pinned back.

Step 3 Twist

Take hair and put over thumb and twist up and pin.

Step 4 Knot

Take the hair above the twist and tie into a knot and pin.

Step 5 Finish

Spray liberally with hairspray. For a more polished look, pin back the wisps. Pin back tendrils for a more polished look.

Example: Pantene Classic Hairspray

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Only recently for the summer have I been wrestling with pinning my hair up, since I realized there is really no wrong way I love the hairstyling video's you show for updo's they make it less intimidating, so that you can just have fun.

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