How To: Style a chic, simple hair bun

Style a chic, simple hair bun

Xteeener wants to show you how to make the cool easy Updo Bun.

Materials required:
1)Take some Bobby Pins depending upon the thickness of the hair you have.
2)Take some small Bobby pins to pin your bangs back.
3)Take a tiny hair elastic.
Step 1: Take a big chunk of bangs from one of your major front section of the hair and put a Clip or a Bobby pin or your Hair Tie
Step 2: Take the rest of your hair, pull it backwards behind your head to put a high pony tail and tie it with your elastic.
Step 3: Twist the hair behind within the elastic into a bun as you normally do. Twist it tight as much as you can to your head.
Step 4: Use your Big Bobby pins and pin your bun behind to stick together. Pin as many as you want until you feel secure with the bun and now your Bun is ok.
Step 5: Take a little bit hair from your back portion of the front hair you tied in step 1, tie it to the back portion of the bun you made and stick it with a small bobby pin.
Step 6: Take the rest of your front portion of bangs, curve it down around your far most ear side and stick it to your head with a bobby pin.

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