How To: Straighten curly hair

Straighten curly hair

Straightening curly hair. Things you will need to get started are a scrunchy, clips, hair brush, flat iron, heat protector spray, and gel if you choose.
First start by plugging your flat iron in and setting to the highest heat setting. Section out the hair in three to four sections using clips to keep them from mingling with the other hair. Bottom most hair, middle row hair and top hair. You can part the top hair to keep your normal part and clip on each side. Start by finding a 1 inch part of the bottom section and pull taught. Spray with heat protector spray and clamp the flat iron near the scalp, pulling it down the section of hair at a firm, steady pace. Repeat if the desired level of straightening was not achieved. Once you're happy with the result you can move to the next 1 inch piece. You keep repeating this through all sections of hair until the hair is all straight. Keep checking in the mirror and using two mirrors to look at the back of the hair. Repeat as necessary. Once you're done with all sections you can use a scrunchy to pull the hair back in to a low loose pony to prevent any bumps in the hair and go to bed. You can also use a satin pillow case. In the morning you can use the gel to straighten and smooth the fly away's.

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