How To: Steal Kim Kardashian's pin curls & bangs

Steal Kim Kardashian's pin curls & bangs

Learn to steal Kim Kardashian's pin curls and bangs with this video tutorial!

Items needed: curling iron, straightener, blow dryer, hair spray, mousse, dual prong clips or bobby pins, comb and medium length bangs.

Starting with freshly washed hair, part your hair down the middle with comb. Take one inch sections on either side of the part and curl around your finger to make a pin curl. Secure with bobby pin or a dual prong clip. Repeat with other side. Put mousse in the rest of hair and blow dry (use heat protection spray to protect your hair). Using large curling iron curl hair in waves, being sure to curl the hair closest to your face away from your face. Remove clips or pins and use curling iron and straightener to manipulate bangs into a nice feathered look. Spray with hair spray gently and you are ready to go!

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