How To: Steal the hairstyle of a girl from a Weezer video

Steal the hairstyle of a girl from a Weezer video

Want to get a Weezer girl hairstyle look? *Use a FHI Curling Iron. *Measure your front bangs and roll them up to the thickness you want. *Set it into place with a pin, split your hair right at the top in half, behind your head at the crown area, open the top behind your ear. *Take the front part and curl it with your iron, take your time and curl the other sections back setting them down with bobby pins. Once this has been repeated on both sides, let your hair cool down. *Tie the back of your hair into a low ponytail, let the pins lose on the sides and tightly roll the hair up in a victory roll. *Put bobby pins in a way that they can't be seen. Make any adjustments needed to your victory rolls with your fingers. *After finishing with the sides, do the same for the front. Twist the front one until it gets to the base of your forehead shape it how you want and put it into place with a bobby pin. If you want you may add a bow to the back. *Congratulations, your hair is amazing.

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