How To: Spike your hair for cosplay

Spike your hair for cosplay

This video illustrates how to spike your hair for the cosplay. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Shampoo your hair and then deep condition them and then with a hair brush start teasing your hair that means take small strands of your hair and then brush them back with fast strokes .

Step 2: Now take each strand and spray them with freezer spray or hair holding spray so that they are intact.

Step 3: Now take each starnd and form spikes taking care to hold the spikes wiyh gel.

Step 4: Now finally brush the hair on the crown ain the backward direction and then form a spike in different direction and finally rol it in softly.

Step 5: Now take the front flicks and comb them staright parting them sideways.

Thats it.

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