How To: Spike a Mohawk

Spike a Mohawk

Hey guys. A mohawk is usually for punk rockers or maybe just for people who stand out, but many people dont know how easy it really is to spike a mohawk! There are a variety of ways and many of them can be done with products bought at a store. None of the products include "Elmers glue" or "eggs and sugar" but you will need a hair dryer!

Step 1: Buy the Products

Buy the products that are in the video. The products required should be only 2 assuming you have a hair dryer in the household.

It is of course better explained in the video.

SO please watch and enjoy (:

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These are GREAT. Thank you! I remember when I was about seventeen giving my boyfriend a mohawk. Now I'm middle aged, married, and my husband won't give in to any of my hair suggestions. Thankfully the other man in my life is a lot more accommodating...

This kind of styling worked for me until my mohawk was at about 5 inches. I started adding hair paste, hair glue.. But when it got to about 7 inches I couldn't find a commercial product that would do it and I just gave up. Bye bye mohawk.

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