How to Mermaid Braid Hair Style

Mermaid Braid Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!

Stylize your appearance into that of a lovable and charming princess with this elegantly conspicuous Mermaid Braid Hair Style. Made in easy and simple few steps, this distinctive hairstyle ceaselessly makes a new and graceful impression with its excellent style.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair to Make Them Tangle Free and Smooth.

Step 2: Now Take a Strand of Hair from One Side of Front and Braid It. Similarly for the Other Side Also.

Step 3: Now Take Each Braid and Coil It Up and Secure with the Pins.

Step 4: Take a Section of Hair Just Below the Coil, Divide It into Three Equal Sections and Start Braiding.

Step 5: After Two Three Weaves Add Small Strand of Hair from Left Side to the Middle Strand Before Cross Over.

Step 6: Now Add Small Strand of Hair from Right Side to the Middle Strand Before Cross Over.

Step 7: Continue Doing So. When You Reach Your Neck Continue Adding Tiny Strands from the Loose Hair to the Braid.

Step 8: Secure the Braid with a Band. Now with the Help of Fingers Pull the Braid on Both Sides a Little.

Step 9: Now Fold the Braid Alongwith the Loose Hair and Secure with Pin.

Step 10: Adorn the Hair Style by Using Studded Pins Throughout the Braid as Shown.

Your cool Mermaid Braid Hair Style is all set to flaunt. Take a new leaf out of your urbane persona by following above steps and stylize your persona in a distinctive way.

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