How To: Make your hair wavy like Vanessa Hudgens

Make your hair wavy like Vanessa Hudgens

Take shower at night before, don't brush your hair and sleep with wet and messy. If you have curly hair brush it and put rollers or a hair dryer if it is needed. Heat the hair curler. When you wake up it should be one inch and half thick of a curler. It is going to be a mess. For this separate your hair in half straight in the middle and hold one side with a hair clip, while the other side you slice your hair into sections. Start from the bottom and hold the other using a hair clip. Use hair oil or hair polisher. This will help from damaging your hair, and keep the frizzy out and make your hair soft. Take a clump of hair and twirl it around the curler. Start from the root to the tip of the hair. Don't hold the hair tight and leave it. Finish it with small amount of hairspray, because when you use much it wont get that nice and it doesn't look natural.

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