How To: Make a Tiny "Small Wrap Up" Braid

Make a Tiny "Small Wrap Up" Braid

Hello! Today I would like to introduce a simple tiny braid - so called the small wrap up. I recommend it to every person who wants to prevent the hair from falling onto the face. It is suitable especially for the people who have long or medium sized hair and very delicate skin. And for all who just want to quickly bind together some hair.

Step 1: What You Will Need - Get It Started

You can use only one hairpin or a few (that depends on your hair features). A mirror would also be useful.
Grab a few highlights and make a tiny braid, from the top of your head to the bottom of your hairline.

Grab some hair around the braid, it can be from the left and the right side and put it together, like in a small pony-tail.

Wrap the braid in circles around the rest of the hair (small pony tail) and secure it with a hairpin, at the end (the part that is still in the area of your head).

It is really simple and quickly done. You will need around two to three minutes for it.

Thanks for watching!

Wish you a sunny day!

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