How To: Make infant mini clip hair bows

Make infant mini clip hair bows

This video shows us how to make infant mini clip hair bows.This requires a high temperature hot glue gun.Three ribbons of the length 4",3" and 1.75" are required.Also needed are an alligator clip,sharp scissors and a lighter.Take the ribbons and seal it with a lighter just enough to melt the ends.Insert a 4 inch long ribbon in between prongs of alligator clip.Make sure the ribbon is centered and flat side of alligator clip is down.Quickly fold the ribbon over the top prong and press firmly to make sure the glue adheres to the ribbon on the bottom.Turn the clip over and place a small line of glue.Quickly,fold your remaining ribbon over to the bottom side of the clip.Now you have a lined alligator clip.Take the 3 inch long ribbon and glue the ends tigether to make a circle.Place a drop of hot glue in the center of the top prong of your lined clip.Glue the overlapped side of your circle in the center of the alligator clip.Place a small drop of glue on the inside bottom of your circle.Press the top of the circle down in the center.Be sure your loops are even.Place a small drop of glue on the bottom side of the top prong,then quickly attach one end of your 1 3/4 inch ribbon.Now add another drop of glue and wrap your ribbon around the top prong.Cut off your excess ribbon with sharp scissors and seal the end with your lighter.Now you have a beautiful hair bow!

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