How To: Make home hair protein treatments

Make home hair protein treatments

In this video, the user gives some suggestions on how to make at home hair protein treatments. She emphasizes that every good treatment consists of two components: a conditioning element, and a protein element. She suggests eggs, avocado, almond butter and soy milk for protein and yogurt, mayonnaise, nut and olive oils, and honey for the conditioning portion. She explains the importance of including both elements for moisturized hair and also that you should choose ingredients in response to your needs. Following the choice of ingredients the only remaining steps are the beat your eggs and mix your components, but the user does explain that the number of eggs really depends on the length of your hair. She also gives another good protein tip of adding an egg to your regular conditioner for an inexpensive way to strengthen your hair. The user then puts the conditioner on her hair, covers it with a plastic cap and wraps it in a hot towel. The last step is to let it set for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

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