How To: Make a high pony tail for curly hair

Make a high pony tail for curly hair

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a high pony tail for curly hair with Liz Muller. First, wet both sides of the hair and put gel into it. Now, push the front of the hair back with a brush, avoiding brushing a lot so you don't have frizz. Make sure it's straight, then push the back of the hair up. Combine all of your hair together until you have it high on your head. If your hair starts to get curly in the front again, just release your hair and try again. You can always add more gel if your hair is not styling the way you want it to be. Once you get it in your desired pony tail, place a band around your hair and tie it until it's tight. When finished, push your hair back and hair spray the front. This will give you a cute pony tail with no effort!

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