How To: Make a hair bow out of an old magazine

Make a hair bow out of an old magazine

In order to make a hair bow out of old magazines, you will need the following materials: a bobby pin, colored duct tape, a ruler, scotch tape, scissors, and old magazines.

To begin this craft project, select 2 pages. Be very selective about the color and print. Cut one of the pages into 2” horizontal strips. Cut slightly thinner strips from the second sheet. Cut 2 thin sheets from both sheets of paper.

Fold one of the strips in half, making it into a loop. Close the loop with scotch tape. Repeat. Make these loops out of all of the paper. Secure a big loop to a medium sized loop. Repeat. Next, with duct tape, wrap it around the center. Affix two small loops to each other. Tape them to the back of the bow. Reinforce it with duct tape. Insert a bobby pin. Wear.

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