How To: Make a hair bow out of a maxi pad wrapper

Make a hair bow out of a maxi pad wrapper

IIDearDiaryII gives instructions on how to make a hair bow out of a feminine pad wrapper in this video. Start with an empty wrapper, making sure everything is pulled out even and straight. Fold the top horizontally, about one inch fold. Then the next fold will be in the opposite direction, also about a one inch fold. Keep repeating the fold until you reach the end of the wrapper. Once done, you will need to make sure all the folds are together and then tie a knot in the middle. Do not unravel or disturb the folds. Pull the ends so the knot is very tight. When you've done so, you can begin to unravel the ends so that they fan out. Do this for both sides. The result will be a perfectly tied bow. You can place a bobbie pin through the knot so that you can adhere the bow to your hair.

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