How To: Make accent spikes for your hair bows

Make accent spikes for your hair bows

In this how to video, you will learn how to make the finishing edges on pieces of ribbons. The hardest part is getting the spikes even on both sides. Fold up the ribbon so the two ends meet. If the spike is just a single angle, tape the edges at the top. If the spike has a center to it, bring the ends together and fold it in half. Take a piece of tape and place it around the ribbon ends. This will hold them in place for when you make the cut. If you want to make an angle cut, take your scissors and cut up to one point. Remove the tape. You will now have an angle that is the same on both ends. If you want to make a spike, you should have it folded in half and taped. start low on the folded and cut up to the open end. Open it up and remove the tape. Heat seal the edges to finish it. If you want to make a point, do the opposite of what you did with the point. Cut from the open end up to the folded end. Take it apart and remove the tape. You will now have an even point. Any type of design can be made for a unique look. This video offers great tips on how to make even finishing edges for your ribbons.

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