How To: Maintain a perm to make it last

Maintain a perm to make it last

In this video the woman is lecturing on how to maintain a hair perm. She advises to locate a good salon to determine what type of perm you want for your particular hair type. After you get a perm do not wash the hair for at least 14 hours in order for the perm to set properly. Keep the hair moisturized as much as possible. Do this by looking for hair products such as shampoo and conditioners indicating it contains moisturizers. The woman very emphatically cautions against rubbing the hair with a towel after washing. This will diminish the perm and causes split ends. Do not comb your hair when it is dry, comb while still wet, then do not comb again till the next washing. Use a very minimum amount of gel on the curls. Do deep conditioning once per week to restore.

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