How To: Long Hair Messy Bun

Long Hair Messy Bun

Buns make the look of a woman highly fashionable and cool. Transform your appearance into highly swanky and dashing by following this simple tutorial to make an awesome Long Hair Messy Bun and instantly transform your simple look into a fashionable one.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair and Make a High Pony. Now Take Small Section of Hair from the Pony and Start Backcombing the Surface Side.

Step 2: Now with Your Fingers
Roll It Up Keeping the Backcombed Section as the Surface and Then Secure the Roll with Pins.

Step 3: Similarly Take Small Sections and Repeat the Above Process Till All the Hair Is Done Leaving Just a Small Starand at the Centre.

Step 4: When All the Sections of Hair Are Rolled Up a Nice Bun Is Formed.

Step 5: Now Take the Section at the Centre Roll It with Fingers and Then Secure the Roll at the Centre of the Bun an a Bun Is Formed.

Thus, make an awesome appearance with a distinctive style by following these simple assimilating steps and show off this cool Long Hair Massy Bun with a distinguished flair.

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