How To: Get wavy hair with a 1" flat iron

Get wavy hair with a 1" flat iron

Justine Hemondez shows us how to do wavy hair with a 1" flat iron. First she asks you to get your 1" flat iron and then get a section of your to work on. Basically what you are going to do is to roll or twist your flatter alternately in opposite way. Hold the cluster of hair in the flat iron, then roll the flatter to the outside once and then roll it to the inside once and continue doing it alternately. She says that thus we get the wavy hair. She also gets a section of hair and with the flat iron she rolls it only one direction, the result you get is spiral curly hair. Thus she shows the difference between wavy hair and spiral curly hair. The nice thing with wavy hair is that it's not really formal or casual; it's just the way you want it to be. Learn not to do it with a very big cluster of hair at a time. You can do it small sections. She also says that if you want the waves to be bigger, then the rolls you do with the flatter should be made bigger and if you want the waves to be shorter, and then you should make smaller rolls with the flatter. As you are done with the entire hair, she asks you to use finishing hairspray. She uses Beyond the Zone hairspray and if you are not interested in using that, she says that you can use any hairspray you like but make sure that it's not very stiff. She then finally says that it may take a couple of tries before you can make wavy hair properly as she also took sometime before doing it perfectly.

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