How To: Get voluminous big Victoria's Secret curls using steam rollers

Get voluminous big Victoria's Secret curls using steam rollers

What girl doesn't want Victoria's Secret hair? You know what we're talking about, ladies: Big, voluminous curls that look undone but not too messy and always goddess-like. It's the type of hair most celebrities wear on the covers of magazines and the most requested hairstyle in salons.

But you don't need to pay your hairstylist mad stacks to achieve locks so full and flowing Aphrodite would be jealous. Just take a gander at this video and follow along to learn how to use steam rollers to create luscious curls and volume.

Caruso 30 Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter

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The steam curler you are using is the best hair product ever if you use a it of setting gel when you dry your hair it will reactivate when you set with rollers and the curls will last all day in Florida humidity. Also for spiral curls lightly spray hair with hair spray twist hair tight than roll on curler when cool unroll and spiral curls as pictured elow

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