How To: Get Victoria Secret inspired sexy curls

Get Victoria Secret inspired sexy curls

Learn how you can get Victoria Secret like curls with this video tutorial:
- Start out with a 3/4" professional curling iron
- Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner
- Towel dry hair until damp
- Put heat protectant in hair (about a dime size dab) and distribute evenly through hair but concentrate on the bottom of hair
- Apply a volumizing mouse to roots of hair
- With a blow dryer that has a nozzle at the end and a round brush, blow dry hair starting at the roots and rolling brush upward through hair. Repeat until hair is dry
- Spray volumizing spray at roots
- Tease hair with comb at crown of head (do not do front inch of hair)
- Put the professional curling iron at level 5/hot and 1" sections at a time put curling iron just above the ends of hair and wrap hair around iron vertically
- After every couple sections of curls wrap hair around roller to keep curls in while you finish the rest of your hair
- Repeat until all hair is curled
- Take out curlers
- To get front section of your hair (the shorter sections/bangs) face clamp of curling iron away from heat and take small sections of shorter hair and wrap around iron. Leave iron in about 2 seconds and release.
- Repeat with all shorter sections of hair (they should be swept away from face)
- Add a shine serum to tips of hair and hairspray
You should have beautiful curls that will stay in and look shiny and beautiful!

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