How To: Get a super sleek cool hair style for men

Get a super sleek cool hair style for men

In this how to video, you will learn how to make a great, sleek hair style with Rasmus. You will need a GHD straight iron and heat protector. You will also need Renati Rock Hard and American Crew grooming cream. First, spray your hair. Once this is done, work it through with your hands. Next, use the GHD straight iron on your hair to straighten it. Once this is done, comb it. Now, mix the two products mentioned before together in your palm. Once they are mixed in your palm, apply generously to your hair. Run your fingers through hair to make sure it sticks. Now, use more of the grooming cream to add shine to your hair. Make sure the tips of the hair have product in it as well. Touch up the back to complete the new hair style.

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