How To: Get shiny, healthy, straight hair

Get  shiny, healthy,  straight hair

Forever Yours demonstrates how to get shiny, healthy straight hair that will last throughout the day using a hairdryer, round brush and a ceramic technology flat iron. Apply a heat protectant before beginning the process to protect the hair. Divide all hair into three equal layers, bottom, middle and top. Clip middle and top sections up high on head and begin by drying the bottom section. Dry the hair fully, divide hair into two sections and starting from one side, flat iron from root to end in small pieces until complete. Using a wide toothed comb and starting in small sections, place the comb in the hair and positioning flat iron above comb, pull the straighter through the flat iron starting root to end. Repeat with middle section and then with top section. Finish hair by applying Redken Color Extend to hands and dragging through ends first and then applying to roots.

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