How To: Get a Salon-Perfect Blowout in Six Easy Steps

Get a Salon-Perfect Blowout in Six Easy Steps

Get that salon blowout feeling at home! Follow these tips for a perfect at home blowout.

Step 1 Shampoo & Condition

Use good quality products to wash your hair. Gently towel dry to remove excess moisture. 

Step 2 Protect

Put a heat protectant product on your hair.

Step 3 Section

Section hair in 2-inch sections and clip up.

Step 4 Use Tools

Use at least an 1800 watt blow dryer and a good quality round brush.

Example: Boar bristle brush

Step 5 Dry

Using the brush, pull down and roll under each section as you blow dry. Point the nozzle down. Do this for each section.

Step 6 Finish

Smooth out all the sections with the blow dryer and style your bangs. Add finishing products.


  • For waves, use the round brush like a roller.

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