How to Get a royal hairstyle like Kate Middleton

Give yourself a regal look by adopting one of future Princess Kate Middleton's hairstyles. This video will show you how to style your hair in the simple, elegant, fashion of Kate Middleton. You'll also learn the secret to wearing the classic hat called a Fascinator, also known as a "Bird."

Get a royal hairstyle like Kate Middleton

Get a royal hairstyle like Kate Middleton Click through to watch this video on


how can you NOT have her hairstyle? Sorry, but i'm a hairstylist in Dallas, and I don't have to whip out my Samsung with 4G LTE from AT&T (sorry for the ad; just mocking teh comercials) to figure out it's long. It's got some layers. period, end of story. What we don' thave is her money!

I agree with you, Joan. I'm always amazed at how difficult these hairstyles are made to look when it's just a matter of looking at the front, sides and back and put it all together on the shape of head you have. i do hair in Texas and, btw, actually do use 4GLTE because you need the speed (via AT&T) to go through all the photos and get where you're going.

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