How To: Get rid of frizzy hair

Get rid of frizzy hair

Banish the frizzies for good with these styling tricks.
You Will Need:
* A good cut
* Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
* Anti-frizz serum
* Silicone spray
* A hot oil treatment
* A blow dryer (optional)
* A round brush (optional)
* A flat iron (optional)

Step 1
Wear your hair in a longer style. Avoid overlayering, and stay away from razor cuts if your hair is coarse or curly.

Getting haircuts every six to eight weeks will help keep your hair healthy.

Step 2
Don't wash your hair every day; natural oils help combat frizz.

Step 3
Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when you do wash.

Step 4
Apply an anti-frizz serum to wet, clean hair. If you have curly hair, allow it to air dry, and avoid the urge to touch your tresses.

Step 5
For straight hair, blow dry with the nozzle close to the hair, pointing down, pulling a round brush through your hair as you do so. Make sure to dry your hair completely to avoid fly-aways.

Step 6
Spritz some silicone spray into your hands and gently pat over your hair.

Step 7
If you have straight hair, run a hot flat iron over your hair to top off the look.

Step 8
Use a store-bought hot oil treatment once a week to rehydrate your hair.

Fact: When you take off a winter hat, electrons move from the hat to your hair, causing static.

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