How To: Get Natural-Looking Wavy Hair

Get Natural-Looking Wavy Hair

In this video, we show you how to get easy, loose, carefree waves in four steps. Use a curling iron without the clamp to make sure you waves are crimp-free. 

Step 1 Tools

You can get a "clampless" curling or a regular one and not use the clamp.

Example: Hot Tools one-inch curling iron

Step 2 Divide hair

Clip your hair into sections on top of your head and leave the bottom layer down.

Step 3 Curl

Point the iron downward and wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Hold the ends as close to the barrel as you can without burning your fingers. Let hair fall off the barrel after a few moments.

Step 4 Touch-up

Touch up to balance out the curls around your head, then spritz with hairspray.


  • Curl away from your face, not towards it so the curls fall away from your face. 

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