How To: Get a messy up-do inspired by Vanessa Hudgens

Get a messy up-do inspired by Vanessa Hudgens

Check out this video to learn how to do this makeup look inspired by Vanessa Hudgens!

1. Protect your hair from heat damage with a heat protectant such as V05 heat defense.
2. Section your hair to the bottom layer.
3. Wrap your hair around clipless iron for about 5 seconds (set the curl with a hair clip).
4. Let the hair cool for about 10 minutes.
5. Release the curls, run your hands through your curls and then hair-spray it.
6. Tease your hair in random sections.
7. Create a little poof above your forehead (twist the end and pin down).
8. Now, start taking small sections of hair and pin back.

* ..and there we have it! A simple messy updo !

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