How To: Get a Lucille Ball inspired pin-up ponytail

Get a Lucille Ball inspired pin-up ponytail

Learn how to get a Lucille Ball inspired pin-up ponytail.

- Section the top part of the hair to hold all of the pin curls.
- Tie the rest to the side.
-Take sections of the hair and using a curling iron curl all the pin curl sections.
- After you've curled it, roll that section up to your scalp, and use a bobby pin to hold it in place.
- Repeat this same process to set the entire section for the part of your hair you want to pin curl.
- Make sure you use hairspray when you're setting your curls.
- Once you have a few curls setting on top,let them cool off.
- Now you can put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail.
- Release the curls on top and start styling them by pinning them down. You can make them small or large.
- You can also curl some parts of your ponytail.
- Finally,add a flower to the side of your head to just add a little something to your look.

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