How To: Get the Kim Kardashian side bun

Get the Kim Kardashian side bun

Learn how to get Kim Kardashian's side bun hairstyle with this video tutorial.

•Start off with air dried hair. Use moose.
•Blow dry a bit.
•Add some hairspray.
•Curling iron from the top of the hair to the bottom.
•Spray to keep in place again.
•remove headband.
•Split hair in half.
•Check for lose curls.
•Add volume.
•Spray the bangs a bit.
•More spray.
•Tie a scrunchy to the side.
•Use hairpins for loose hair and start wrapping the bun.
•Blow dry hair a little bit to smooth it out.

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1 Comment

I got lost when you were turned around doing something to the back of your hair and was not facing the camera. MAybe you should have talked a lil instead of the music. But it is a cute hair style.

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