How To: Get Kim Kardashian inspired loose curls

Get Kim Kardashian inspired loose curls

S2Pandapple shows viewers how they can get Kim Kardashian Inspired curls! First, you should wash and let your hair air dry. Make sure you spray heat protector in your hair before curling! Next, make sure you brush your hair thoroughly getting rid of tangles. Separate your crown and the bottom of your hair. Twist and pin the top up and put the bottom in a ponytail. Now, unclip the top of your hair and begin to put your hot rollers in. Spray each hair section with volumizing spray! You will want to continue to put all of your top hair in the rollers. Now, take down your ponytail and section this hair in half, tying one half out of the way. Now, just curl these bottom pieces and make sure you just curl all of the end of the hair. Make sure you use a bigger curler for looser curls. Continue to finish curling all other sections and let this cool and spraying with hair spray. Now, take out your rollers on the top of your head. Try not to pull on them too much. Now, take a comb and tease the crown of your hair applying hair spray. Now, apply any finishing touches and run your fingers slightly through your curls! Now you've got a great Kim Kardashian look!

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