How To: Do your hair and makeup for a night on the town

Do your hair and makeup for a night on the town

In this tutorial, we learn how to do hair and makeup for going out. Begin by applying your favorite foundation, along with bronzer and blush. Next, apply eyeliner to both the top and bottom lashes. After this, brush on a layer of dark eyeshadow onto your eyelid, going up to the crease. Next, use a white eyeshadow to brush on the inside crease of the eyelid. When finished with this, use a black eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye, then blend all the colors together. To finish the makeup, apply mascara and your favorite kind of lipstick or lip gloss. To do your hair, start out by combing it, then slightly teasing the entire hair to give it volume. After this, push the top of the hair back and attach into place with bobby pins. Spray on hair spray, and you will have a lasting look for a night out!

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