How To: Do Taylor Swift curls with low heat curlers

Do Taylor Swift curls with low heat curlers

This video illustrate how to do Taylor Swift curls with low heat curlers.Here are the following steps.Step 1: First of all pick a very good hair styling kit, Now wet your hair lightly.Step 2 : Now take low heat curlers and part your into half inch partitions.Step 3: Now take each partition and roll it around the curler back to half of the hair strand, fold the roller to hold it into place.Step 4: Now complete the rest of the partitions in the above manner.step 5: Now blow dry the hair lightly and leave it to set for at least half an hour.step 6: Open up the rollers and brush lightly to hold the roll firm.that's it

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thankyou soooooo much ive been looking for days and days trying to find something like this i havnt found anything else but this is absolutely perfect :D

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