How To: Do a Selena Gomez updo for short hair

Do a Selena Gomez updo for short hair

Cocorais shows you how to style your hair into a Selena Gomez style up-do with short hair. Start by curling your hair, which is optional but it gives the hair shape and volume. Take your curled hair and sweep it to one side (opposite side of side-part if you have one), leaving a little hair on the other side to frame your face. Ignore any hanging hairs. Comb your hair into a ponytail, and tie it to one side. Gather your hair and tie it into a bun, using bobby-pins to secure it. For the rest of your hair on the other side, take a bobby-pin and pin it to the back. For the hanging hairs, secure them too with bobby-pins. Smooth out your hair when done, and add a little hairspray too. Thus, by following this process, you can take hair in any condition and quickly turn it into a neat Selena Gomez style.

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