How To: Do Prom Bun Hair Style

Do Prom Bun Hair Style

Take a look at this new and contemporary Prom Bun Hair Style which is super cool and exclusive to adorn. Its over the top style has a unique and sophisticated appearance which appends a ritzy accent to your urbane persona. Try out this style following this simple tutorial.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair to Make Them Smooth and Tangle Free. Once Done Gather All Your Hair in a
Pony and Tie a Band.

Step 2: Leaving a Very Small Section, Keep All Your Hair Up. Now Take the Section That Was Left Out, Divide It into Two Small Sections. Take One Section and Wrap It Around the Band as Shown Leaving the Other Half as It Is. Now the Hair That Has Been Kept Up, We Will

Secure It with Pins.

Step 3: Take Sections of Hair Layer by Layer and Backcomb Each Layer One by One. Gather All the Backcombed Hair, Use a Spray and Then Roll It and Secure with the Pins. Pull the Roll from Both the Sides to Extend and Give It a Proper Bun Shape.

Step 4: Take the Left Out Section and Make Two Sections. Hold Each Section at the End and with the Help of Fingers Rolls It Up One by One. Now Secure Each Roll with Pins as Shown for That Final Look.

Your trendy and super charming Prom Bun Hair Style is all up to flaunt. Thus, simply by following above steps, you can beautify your external visage in a stylish way.

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