How To: Do a Fishtail or Herringbone Braid

Do a Fishtail or Herringbone Braid

Step 1: Tie a Ponytail

Use clear elastic to tie a ponytail and divide the ponytail into 2 segments.

Step 2: Pull Pieces from Each Side of Segments

Take a small strand from outside of one strand and drag it across to other strand. Pull tight and keep the two main strands separated. Don't worry if it looks messy, the look here is ultimately distressed. Tip: Use smaller segments to hair for a more dramatic fishtail braid.

Step 3: Braid All the Way Down

Tip: Purchase a fake ponytail at a beauty supply store to practice on.

Step 4: Finish

Tie off the braid with elastic and snip the upper elastic. Pull at braid a bit to create a distressed look.

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Love! You make it look super easy and i cant wait to try it!

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