How To: Do a Fast and Easy Top-Knot Hair Bun

Do a Fast and Easy Top-Knot Hair Bun

The "Spin Pin" is the secret to creating a secure hair bun. Here we show you how to use them to create a great top knot bun.

Step 1 Pony

Use a brush to smooth your hair into a super high ponytail. Tie with an elastic and spray with a bit of hairspray to contain the stray hairs.

Example: Pantene Pro-V hairspray

Step 2 Coil

Twisting the hair, make a coil.

Step 3 Spin pin

Take the spin pin and pin at the base of the bun with a spinning motion. Repeat at the front of the bun.

Step 4 Bobby pin

Use bobby pins to catch any strays.


  • As with most "updo" styles, this style works best with hair that is not freshly washed.

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