How To: Do braided hairstyles step by step

Do braided hairstyles step by step

In this tutorial, we learn how to do braided hairstyles step by step. To begin, make a small section an inch wide and then section it into three parts. Cross them over like a braid, and as you go along, pick up pieces from each side and work it into each braid. Keep gathering hair until you get all the way down, then clip into place when you are finished. You can then use this piece of hair to pin back off of the face. Do this on the other side of the hair to create an equal look. Finish the look by pinning it in the back. Another look you can do is pushing all the hair to one side of the head, then sectioning it into three pieces. Loosely braid the hair in a simple braid lapping one piece over the other, until you get the bottom. Use an elastic band to secure the end and use hair spray to finish the look off!

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