How To: Cut your own hair to save money

Cut your own hair to save money

I was about to cut my hair, as I do about once/month or so, and figured I'd share some of my techniques. Cutting my own hair for roughly the last 10 years now has saved me time, lots of time, money, lots of money, and is way more custom. I have run into issues of bald patches here and there, but it's always fixable for the most part. However, one time I did create a few too many patches that were too deep and had to have them filled in on a daily basis by my girlfriend for about a week with an eye pencil that matched my hair color - less noticeable. Anyway, that's that and this is this.

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Wow thats bad.

From the front it does look good but the sides... man you messed up. Use the clippers for the all over length and then for the side but if you want that choppy look get thinning sissors. They have like a jagged edge and only just half the hair but they are excellent for blending and thinning.

My hair is mad thick that how i ended up with a pair of them but they are so worth having.

dude i was looking for info on to cut my own hair, and i find this video with Hippie Glenn.... Epic!

phew. haha, i mean come on man, after ten years i'd assume you'd be doing better than that. listen to your girlfriend. don't go by look go by feeling and emotions? bad advice.

Hahahaha. I can't believe Hippie Glenn is the #1 search result for cutting your own hair.

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