How to Cut men's hair with a layered effect

DJ Matt shows you the basics of how to cut men's hair. You start out by making a line on the top of the head. You can then make your first cut, or the straight cut on the back bottom. After that, you then make a "down cut" which creates layers. When you get to the "semi-top of the head" you take a comb and rest it along the hair so it is straight. After the comb is in place just clip the top of the hair that is resting along side of it. When you get to the top continue to take long hair along the comb and clip it to the length you want with the scissors. Use the first piece as a guideline for the rest. You need to get a plastic head, preferably with long hair. You also need a comb, scissors, and clips. After you get those, you can start to learn the basics of how to cut men's hair.

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