How To: Crochet and latch hook hair

Crochet and latch hook hair

In this video, we learn how to crochet and latch hook hair. You will need a large crochet hook and synthetic hair. First, take your loose hair and make sure it's free of tangles. Form a small loop, then insert the hook underneath the corn row until it's all the way through the braid. Once the small latch goes through the hair, insert the loop to the hook, and pull the hook down, so the hair is threaded through. Pull the hair through the loop and pull to make a knot. Now, separate the hair and make another knot. Continue to do this for each of the different corn rows until you finish the entire head, making braids after you finish the knots.

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This was a great video thanks for the all the Tips!!. Another way to remove the extensions is just unbraiding the actual cornrow! The Extensions will come right off.
Be Blessed!

thanks a lot on the help just wonted to learn new ways to o different styles

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