How To: Create retro "Mad Men" inspired voluminous curls

Create retro "Mad Men" inspired voluminous curls

Betty Draper may have a lot of drama in her hands - three kids, a cheating husband - but she somehow always manages to look breathtakingly perfect without a single hair out of place. Of course, she does have the help of Hollywoo'd top stylists, aestheticians, and hair stylists.

While you may not have your own football team of primp and glamour at home, you can get one of her famous retro hairstyles by watching this hairstyling tutorial. Check it out to learn how to create voluminous curls.

The ladies of the hit show "Mad Men" are always sporting classic looks--and often that means BIG, but very primly styled, hair. You want to give them a try? Our expert hairstylist, Becky Newcombe, walks you through how to get those gorgeous curls while pumping up the volume to achieve the 1960's big, voluminous curls look of "Mad Men."

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