How To: Create long lasting curls for straight hair

Create long lasting curls for straight hair

If you have very fine, straight hair and have always had a hard trying to keep your strands curled, this video will give you a look into steps you can follow to solve that problem. Before starting on your hair, collect all the necessary tools which include: flat iron, hair clips, Velcro rollers, hair tie, and comb with pointed tip. To start, prepare your hair by adding mousse. Don’t forget to also add a heat resistant chemical to avoid damage and breakage in hair. Then work with the upper third of hair first. Section off small strands at a time and curl each strand using the flat iron. The flat iron will not necessarily curl the hair but it’ll create wavy strands and also provide the strands with heat. Roll the hair strand with a Velcro roller in the opposite direction of how the hair usually sets. If the hair sits forward, roll it back. Given your hair is extra fine and straight, this will allow your hair to have maximum volume. Because the hair is heated for the flat iron, letting it sit in the roller to cool will give the strands a better chance of staying curled. Continue these steps with the rest of your hair from top to bottom. After you get all strands into Velcro rollers, generously spray hair with hairspray. Let it sit and then undo the rollers starting from the bottom up. Lastly, you have curls and now you can style your hair!

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