How To: Create Final Fantasy Yuna inspired hair

Create Final Fantasy Yuna inspired hair

This video shows how to style your hair based on the Final Fantasy video game character Yuna. First you will need to spray your hair with a root gel spray, which is a spray that gives your hair texture. Then blow-dry your hair upside down.

Part your hair on the side and pin back the front while you work on the rest. Separate the top layer of the hair from the bottom. With the bottom layer make a braid and secure it with elastic. Use a flat iron on the ends of the braid, flipping them outwards from the center to give a flower like effect. Then take a long ribbon about two inches thick to wrap the braid. Insert the ribbon into the first braid, criss-cross and bring it to the top, then criss-cross and bring it to the bottom, repeating this all the way down. Cut off any extra ribbon.

To style the rest of your hair, hold the flatiron perpendicular to your head, pull down and flip it outwards. Do this through the rest of your hair, working in small pieces. Finish by applying hair wax to coat each piece of the hair.

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