How To: Create an elegant wavy Angelina Jolie low ponytail

Create an elegant wavy Angelina Jolie low ponytail

Angelina Jolie could probably style her locks into a day-glo orange fauxhawk on the red carpet and still be the most beautiful and fabulous woman there. In short, she's gorgeous enough that she can keep most of her makeup, hair, and dress choices simple.

Get one of Jolie's favorite hairstyles - a wavy, loose ponytail wrapped around with her own hair - by watching this tutorial. Wear this to any party or lounge and you're sure to be the star of the night!

Here's Angelina's Look at the oscars,0,1

What I used...

heat protective spray
hair tie
hair pins
Enzo Milano Bi-tube
Enzo Milano Lacca hairspray 2

Buy the Enzo Milano bi-tube and you get 2 enzo hairsprays for free! *** They just cut off $30 from the sale price since yesterday! (03/04/08)

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