How To: Create a cute curl on short hair

Create a cute curl on short hair

The young female presenter starts by recommending the Chi Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron for the project. She starts the hairstyle by sectioning the top half of hair and clipping it to the top of her head. Then she takes a 1 to 1 1/2 inch strand of hair from the bottom layer and curls it outwards (away from her face). When she releases the hair from the curling iron, she lets the hair hang to cool before styling it. She switches to the other side of her face and takes another strand of the same size and curls it in the opposite direction so it is still being curled away from her face. During this time, she explains that the direction of the bottom curls matters toward the front of the face, but not toward the back / neck. After finishing the back of the bottom layer, she parts the top layer in the desired place from front to back and clips the part she isn't working. When she is curling the top layer of hair, she rotates the direction of the curls, one goes outward (away from the face) and the next inward (toward the face). After working her way around the top layer of hair, she applies Oso Shimmer from Cibu, and shapes the curls with a bit of scrunching. She completes the look by spraying the hair with a bit of Pho Finish Hairspray.

Create a cute curl on short hair

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