How To: Create the classic pin-up hairstyle with curly hair

Create the classic pin-up hairstyle with curly hair

Compared to ladies of the '40s and '50s, we are damned lazy ladies today. Most of us wouldn't flinch to pull on some sweatpants to go the grocery store or even to go to school. And while we totally dig comfort, which is a good thing, it's nice to "put on your lady face" every once in a while an dress up a bit before you go out.

If you're in the mood to channel your inner Marilyn and totally turn heads on the street, check out this tutorial. You'll learn how to create the classic pin-up hairstyle with half of your hair pulled back.

The front of the hair is just a really quick and simple style you can put together if you're in a hurry, if your hair is too oily that day, or just for a nice look!

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