How To: Create the beehive hair style

Create the beehive hair style

First of all you need a long hair brush and a teeth hair brush. You may also use a band for adding glamour. Start by spreading the hair on the front of the head. Now go one inch behind and then take a lock of hair and then comb it and then start back-combing it to the front. Repeat this process taking different locks of hairs at the top and then back-combing them in sections. So you get a hair line on the top of the head which divides the hair into two parts. Now you have to comb the back portion of the hair to make it appear big. Now take small sections and then start combing. You can be firm in your strokes and do not worry of the smoothness. Try to comb till the ends of the hair strands to make it as large as possible. Always remember that it is easier for you to calm a beehive hair design down rather that to increase it once it is done. Now you have to start molding the hair. Leave out the section at the front for the end. Now caress the hair at the back to support the beehive at the front. It should be big enough to support it. Now take the front sections and brush them in to bring the sharpness into them. Now drag them by wrapping it around and then tucking inside at the back. Now repeat for the other side as well. You can use spray for setting the hair. Now warp a hair-lace around. That’s it.

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